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From applying for your provisional, medical, theory tests, on road training to passing your test and CPC at the end of your intensive training course.

Why choose us for LGV / HGV, lorry driver training?

Because we offer:

  • Great value for money

  • Excellent 1st time pass rate

  • Flexible payment schemes, train now and pay later

  • Experienced, qualified professional trainers

  • Dedicated team of administrators to book all your training and tests

  • Systematic and progressive training throughout the course

  • Full support for the theoretical and practical aspects of the course

  • Two-to-one trainee / instructor ratio from 8.45am to 4.45pm or half day courses on a one-to-one trainer/candidate ratio

  • Free parking

  • Over ten years operating and continually improving ourselves to provide a professional yet personal service.

  • Revision and information book to support you in passing your test

  • We are not a large national company sub contracting courses out

HGV / LGV Training Advice

Call 01444 227633, email us at hello@idrivegroup.co.uk,or call in to our training centre to see how we can help.

HGV and LGV Driver Training at I Drive Driver Training

With having years of experience in both HGV and LGV driver training here at I Drive Driver Training, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of HGV and LGV driver training at a reasonable price. The type of training that you will need for becoming a qualified driver, you will get it here.

Our Driver Training center offers you everything that you need to know about HGV and LGV Driver Training. Besides it, our team of specialists is ready to give all answers to whatever questions you may hold. It also helps to get your new career on the road. 

All our driver training courses are aimed at individuals who wish to enhance their new career in the driving industry. Our driver training is conducted on a ratio of two trainees to one instructor. Our courses are recognized as the best way to train the students who are seeking driver training. 

I Drive Driver Training have years of experience in delivering approved Heavy good vehicles training courses. So, whether you are looking for starting your career in the driving field we can help. 

We exceed your expectations:

At I Drive Driver Training, we always try to exceed our HGV Training customer’s expectations. We are proud of our modern approach to training that places value on the individual needs of each candidate. Our driver training services are built around those needs and give a personal and rewarding experience that leaves customers satisfied and thus they can achieve their high-pass rates. 

We are known for offering driving training schedules that tailored our individual requirements. Our HGV Driver Training can be arranged at no cost and provide you a positive learning environment that encourages you to perform at your best.

Our driver training will pro-actively help you to achieve your goals and you will receive the best quality HGV training and we aim for you to leave us being thoroughly happy with our given service.

Why choose us?

At I Drive Driver Training the individuals will be able to take advantage of all practical and classroom training courses. All the training and test programs will be conducted at our center. Thus, we would recommend that before committing to any practical training course you can take the advantage of the practical assessment. Also, it allows you to meet with our highly-experienced trainers and you can see the vehicles that you may be trained on. 

Our courses for business drivers help in creating a safer and more efficient fleet. Our driver training programs are aimed at improving the safety, confidence, and efficiency of all business drivers. We help in improving the following things:

1: We aimed at improving driver safety and efficiency.

2: We help in reducing collisions and vehicle downtime.

3: Driver evaluation report upon completion. 

4: We trained individuals on all safety protocols that help in driving them large heavy vehicles. 

At I Drive Driver Training Sussex we pride ourselves on having so many years of experience in the transport and logistics industry. We completely understand your needs and as an HGV Driver we even take care of all your theory test bookings and help you to apply for your provisional licence and secure you for the freedom and qualifications that you need to get on the road. If you are looking for qualified HGV driver trainers who understand the needs of your job then you can choose without any doubt in your mind. We give a friendly as well as efficient driving experience to you. 

How you can become a qualified HGV and LGV Driver with us?

To become a qualified HGV/LGV Driver you will need to walk through the following driving training steps:

1: First, it is necessary to get your licence for HGV and LGV vehicles.

2: You need to get medical and thus obtain a medical exam report from your doctor.

3: There is a need for applying for a provisional lorry licence.

4: Give your theory test.

5: Remember that you need to take the driver certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) test.

6: Take your relevant category practical test. 

At I Drive Driver Training we offer you the highest standards of training from experienced and qualified instructors and have a very high pass rate. We feel proud in providing helpful services and individually tailored all driver training courses for our customers and thus help them to achieve their goals as soon as possible. 

Our driver training institute supplies all customers with a professional driver training program on both HGV and LGV vehicles. At our premises, we are known for providing experienced and friendly staff who gives the highest quality training at a very competitive cost. 

If you have chosen your career in the driving industry then start your career with I Drive Driver Training. As mentioned earlier we deliver high-quality training in a friendly and relaxed environment. Moreover, our award-winning customer care team will also advise you and guide you every step of your way. Our driving training programs are given in a timely slot manner that suits you. 

We provide a driver training course that helps both private and commercial clients. Having years of experience in this industry we have helped many individuals to acquire new driving licence, helps them in improving their driving skills, and kick-start the driver careers. 

Become a qualified HGV Driver:

With our HGV Driver Training in Sussex courses, you can become a professional lorry driver and thus you will be able to professionally drive a large range of commercial vehicles. Our LGV driver training courses are up-to-date with the best driving industry practices. Thus, you can count on us to help and we assure you that we make a successful career in the transport industry. 

So, what’s waiting for contact our service today and get a quote from our I Drive Driver Training in Sussex. You can also drop us a mail at hello@idrivegroup.co.uk. Else, you can contact us on this number 01-444- 227-633 and ask all your queries. We are ready to help you at any time. So, feel free to call us. 


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