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Welcome to I Drive Sussex, we're a driving school that provides quality service and value for money in the Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Hassocks and Surrounding Areas.


Serving Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lindfield and the West Sussex Area

I Drive - Driver Training Ltd is dedicated to safe driving and customer satisfaction.

No matter what your age or experience, you can be sure of patient, expert tuition. We tailor your driving lessons to suit you personally which means you avoid stress by learning at your own speed.

We welcome complete novices/nervous drivers, whatever your current driving ability may be, we can devise a plan to prepare you for your test.

Our current pass rate is way in excess of the national average. We now have a base at Hickstead and Dunsfold Airport.

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We always provide a modern clean air-conditioned car, with dual controls for your safety. Every effort is made to ensure you always have that same vehicle through all of your lessons right to the test. When you are ready for your driving test we will take you to the Test Centre and wait for you while you take the test in your usual school car. Using a familiar vehicle will give you more confidence and increase your chance of success.

Due to the rules changing all of our Vehicles are Automatic 

As you have a manual car licence, when you take your training and pass your test using Automatic truck you will get a HGV / LGV licence and be able to drive Manual and Automatic vehicles.


No need to learn a Range Change Gear Box

  • No High and Low Buttons to get confused over

  • No matching revs / speed to select correct gear

  • No assessing or decision making required to try to work out the correct gear (out of 9 or more gears) for any particular driving situation.

  • No need to learn about correct way to ‘block’ gear change


No distractions at Roundabouts or Road Junctions

  • No need to practice for hours to get the right speed to select the right gear for difficult junctions.

  • Easily adjust your speed when approaching road junctions without the need to predict which gear to select to be clear to go.

  • No need go over and over again, learning the correct gears (up or down the gear box) for complicated roundabouts that have multiple lanes and exits.

  • Give your full attention to lane discipline and other road users especially cyclists


Concentrate on steering and positioning

  • No gear stick means when driving your hands can always be in the correct pull and push ’10 to 2’ position on the steering wheel

  • Easily negotiate hazards (like parked vehicles, overhanging shop blinds and traffic bollards) as your concentration is not diluted thinking about correct gear selection.

  • Gain confidence with the width and size of a larger vehicle without distraction



Concentrate on mirrors and blind spots

  • Little chance of failing a test due to missed mirror checks because no gears means no added distractions.

  • No forgetting to check blind spots at appropriate times (as can happen if drivers are maxed out operating vehicle controls/gears).


Concentrate on driving to the test pattern

  • Learn to drive the way your Examiner wants, without the burden of learning to ‘handle’ gears

  • Get the maximum benefit from your instructors training as you won’t be so physically tired toward the end of each lesson


Many companies now choose to operate Auto Trucks because they get:

  • Improved fuel consumption, lower pollution emissions and reduced maintenance costs, which means their vehicles are working for longer and costing them less to run.

Why is learning with an Automatic so much easier than a Manual Vehicle?

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