Are you looking to Gain your Cat C+E Licence?

Take your lgv licence to the next step by completeting your C+E License.

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Looking to Gain your C+E Licence?


​So this it’s the final step and last one you will need to do and is a must have if you want to make the best money you can as a professional driver.  We also offer refreshment training if you have passed your C+E and never driven an artic.

Get HGV Class 1 / LGV CE after you've passed LGV C (HGV Class 2)   No more theory tests.

- 1 to 1 training just you, your instructor and training vehicle
- 4 hours training per day over a 3 day course, or 2 days of 6 hours
- On day of test, 2 hours warm-up session and Wallace vehicle for local test
- Available from 6am and throughout the day. Evening & weekends by arrangement
- Our DVSA Booking Facility means your driving test follows straight after training.




3 day Course - 3 days training and test on 4th day
Quick learners, on a tight budget can choose this course but it is most suitable for very experienced 'C' holders, 2 years+ various driving with 18t/larger trucks
Normal Price: £1183.34+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1535

4 day Course - 4 days training and test on 5th day
For drivers with under 2 years 'C' experience
Normal Price: £1416.67+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1815


5 day Course - 5 days training and test on 6th day
Ideal for newly qualified, lapsed or limited driving experience 'C' drivers, for people who passed 'C' a while ago and have little truck driving experience.
Normal Price £1650.00+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £2095

To make booking arrangements, we ask for a £300 deposit. The balance of fees are due before your course starts. 

AND REMEMBER, if you did your LGV C course with us, as a Returning Customer, you can get £60 off these courses.


 LGV C+E Pass Protection

If required, to re-sit a driving test  - No need to buy in advance or pay upfront. 

Drawbar Vehicle: 2 hours Warm-Up Lesson and use of  vehicle for test £282 plus £115 for weekday DVSA test total £390 (inc VAT)

Articulated Vehicle: 2 hours Warm-Up Lesson and use of  vehicle for test £300 plus £115 for weekday DVSA test total £410 (inc VAT)

Got a C+E licence but need Refresher Practise?

Inexperienced driver?  
Maybe you passed your lorry test some time ago?  
Possibly outside the UK and you want to get familiarised with local roads?  
Need to brush up your skills before an interview assessment drive?

Take a 4 hour session to improve or refresh driving skills - £300 inc VAT

Just you and the instructor.  Meet at our Dunsfold Training Centre. This starts as a 4 hour session, but more can be added until you re comfortable. We will take you onto the road and cover many scenarios that you will face in real world driving, we will also train you heavily on all different types of reversing that you will do in your daily job.


After the session, remember to ask our office, if you want a Proof of Refresher Training Certificate, a letter to show at your interview/assessment test drive to your prospective employers.



Your examiner will allow you to use either a drawbar or an articulated vehicle to get your LGV CE / HGV Class 1 licence.  So we also have Drawbar Automatic Gearbox Vehicles. 


1 to 1 Training - just you and your instructor in the vehicle - 4 hours each day

4 day Auto LGV Course - 3 days training and test on 4th day 
Ideal for very experienced 'C' holders with 2 years+ various driving with 18t / larger trucks
£895 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1189 

5 day Auto LGV Course - 4 days training and test on 5th day 
Ideal for newly qualified LGV C drivers or people who passed 'C' a while ago and have little truck driving experience.
£1115 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1453

  • Drawbar Customers get FREE Articulated Vehicle familiarisation training

  • FREE 1 hour Taster Session for C+E course customers - or turn it into a 4 hour lesson for £225 inc VAT

  • It's cheaper to get C+E by drawbar - Pass your test without worrying about driving a complicated articulated vehicle to test standard, and then have a practice session using the Articulated vehicle.

HGV C+ E Training 

I Drive is an approved company that provides HGV C+ E Training. We’ve provided our customers with the best and professional training for many years. From helping with licensing to a medical test, we are unmatchable. 

We understand that many companies need skilled drivers to help them drive their lorry and perform an efficient job. We have been leading the industry for many years and we offer different range of driver training. 

At I Drive, we provide our customers with the best vehicle to train with and also have a team of professional driver trainers that are experts in the industry. 

We are very flexible and provide specialized quality services for our customers. Our HGV C+ E Training Sussex is equipped with all the facilities you need during your training period. 

We provide the best HGV C+ E Training

With an increase in the growth of the freight industry, licensed vehicle drivers are now in high demand and I Drive is giving the best training to anyone interested in choosing vehicle driving as a career. You don’t have to worry about anything because we get you covered. We will take you through all the processes without stress and also help you to become the best vehicle driver. 

At I Drive driver training, our team is dedicated and will discuss with you to know what your goals are and they will help you choose the best course that suits your needs. We are available every day of the week to train our customers and they can choose the days they want to train according to their schedule. 

Our customers are provided with a one-one instructor that will teach and train them. The trainees will be taken to different test routes to see their driving abilities and also practice all the exercises they need to pass the HGV C+E test. 

Benefits of HGV C+ E Training

Becoming a professional heavy good vehicle driver is one of the best career paths today. Apart from the paid vacations, you will also be collecting a good salary. Here are some of the benefits.

Travel Experience 

As a heavy good vehicle driver, you spend most of your time on the road and travel to different places. These help you to know different places and also experience different environments. 

You have the opportunity to see the beauty of different states and also able to see many places people usually pay to see. Heavy goods vehicle driver gets to see and know more places in the country than someone that works in the office. 

Flexibility and discipline 

Professional truck drivers are trained to be flexible and well disciplined. They know all the safety measures and also communicate well with other drivers while driving on the road. They are trained to be able to drive on any route. From driving within the United Kingdom to cross-Europe drive. 

They are also given different training opportunities to improve their skills. Many companies also train their heavy goods vehicle drivers to drive different kinds of vehicles and their pay increases when they obtain another license. If you love growing and learning different things every time, HGV C+ E Training is definitely for you. 

Great pay 

With a high demand for Heavy goods vehicles in the United Kingdom, many companies are willing to pay a huge amount of money to have a skillful and licensed driver. Companies also give truck drivers bonuses and also pay for overtime. 

With the increase in your years of experience, you are guaranteed a salary increase. Going for different trainings and having many licenses will also increase your pay. 

Flexible schedule 

The job has a very flexible schedule and you can also decide the type of haul you want to drive depending on the company you work with. Some company also gives you the option to choose where you want to operate. 

These include long-distance, cross-state, local, and many more. Different shifts are also available to choose from which range from morning or night, full-day or part-time depending on your choice. 

Secured job 

Your job is secured as a truck driver. The industry is very secure and you will always find a job because of the high demand for truck drivers. Job vacancies are always available and you will secure a better job if you have few years of experience. 

Many companies also retain their truck drivers by giving them bonuses and paying them well. This is because of heavy goods vehicle driver shortage in the United Kingdom. 

Industrial growth 

The fleet industry is growing fast and the demands for readymade products are increasing in the country. This has increased the need for the heavy goods vehicle driver. 

The demand in the industry is also more than the supply which has created many job opportunities for heavy good vehicle drivers. Studies have also shown there will be an increase in demand in the future which is a great opportunity for people looking for a career path with long-term benefit.

Not your regular work 

Let’s face it, not everyone loves to sit in an office environment from 9-5 every day. Some people love seeing different places and experiencing different environments. 

Becoming a truck driver saves you from office stress and gives you a sense of freedom. You get to enjoy every moment while driving. 

Better opportunities

The more qualification you have, the more money you earn. A good safe driving experience will help boost your career. Having an HGV C+ E license by registering with I Drive training driving training will also give you a better opportunity in the industry. 

Our HGV C+ E Training is the best and we will help you achieve your goal. If you think is the best career path for you, I Drive driver training will give you all the training you need. 

We provide different certified courses and they are carried out by professionals. We can also help you schedule your training section to fit into your timing.