Are you looking to Gain your LGV Cat C Licence?

Start your new career today by joining the numerous successful candidates by obtaining your Cat C Class 2 driving licence with I drive LGV CAT C Training in Sussex


Looking to Gain your LGV CAT C Licence?

Whether you've always had a passion for being a truck driver, or if you're looking for a career change, gaining your LGV licence can be very rewarding.

How to gain your LGV CAT C driving licence:

Knowing where to start with getting your licence can be very confusing. I Drive Driver Training will guide you every step of the way with LGV CAT C Training...

First, some basic rules and terminology:

LGV means Large Goods Vehicle, which used to be called HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle).This name change happened in the 1990's.

Licence category C1 is for goods vehicles between 3,500kg and 7,500kg with a trailer up to 750kg. The C1 test can be bypassed by taking the C test instead!

C1+E is a C1 vehicle with a trailer up to 4,500kg.

Licence category C allows you to drive a vehicle over 3,500kg, but only a small trailer up to 750kg. (Rigid / HGV Class 2) The C test must be passed before you can move on to taking the C+E (truck and trailer / HGV Class 1).

The Driver CPC is an extra qualification that is required for commercial LGV drivers.

How to get started:

Step 1: You need to undergo a LGV medical. The doctor will fill in form D4.
Step 2: You need to fill in form D2 and send your licence off to DVLA to apply for your provisional entitlement for C1 or C.
Step 3: When you get your licence back with the provisional entitlement, you can then book your LGV theory tests. You must pass all three theory tests: the Multiple Choice, the Hazard Perception tests, and the Driver CPC Case Study.
Step 4: Once you have passed the relevant theory tests, then you can go on to take your practical driving test.


I Drive Driver Training will help you every step of the way...

We have the D2 and D4 forms. We have doctors in your area. We book your theory tests at a test centre close to you. We have a theory study package to help you pass your theory tests. We have modern easy to drive training vehicles. We will book your training and test on dates that suit you.

LGV CAT C Training

I Drive driving training offers one of the best LGV CAT C training courses. Our years of experience and coordination have made our students pass their LGV CAT C test. When you train with I Drive, you have a higher rate of passing your test above the national recommendation. 

At I Drive, we have developed techniques that help our students pass on their first attempt. We first assess our students to know their driving ability before recommending their course length. 

I Drive driving training is the best training you can attend and we are available every time to help our student achieve their goal. Our teams of expert trainers are dedicated to their students. 

We also make the training environment conducive for our students and its one-on-one training. This allows students to spend quality time with their trainer and also ask them questions without feeling embarrassed. 

At I Drive driving training, our vehicles are constantly vetted and our trainers are professionals in the industry. This means you can train in confidence because you are in safe hands. 

Our LGV CAT C Training Sussex gives you everything you need to pass your driving test. 

Who is an LGV CAT C drivers 

A large goods vehicle driver is someone who drives and operate vehicles that are up to 32tonnes. They are responsible for transporting large goods from one location to another. This can be within a state, interstate, or between close countries.

LGV driving is the best career if you do not like the normal 9-5 jobs and you can start your career by training to pass both your theory and practical test at I Drive.  

With consistency, hard work, and determination, you can be on your way to becoming an LGV Driver in few weeks. 

There is also a lot of opportunities for LGV Drivers in the United Kingdom. This is because the demand for lorry drivers in the United Kingdom is very high. 

How to become an LGV CAT C Driver ?

 Have a driver licence 

You need a driver’s license before you can apply for an LGV driver test. To qualify for a driver’s license, you must be more than eighteen years old. If you do not have a driver’s license, you need to apply for it from the government’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. 

Then you will go for both theory test and practical test. You will be issued your license if you pass both tests.

Apply for a LGV licence

After getting your driver’s license, the next step is to apply for your LGV license. This is done through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency website. You also need the D4 form. This form will be filled by a registered doctor to prove that you are in good health. This is because; all long goods vehicle drivers must be in good health. 

After completing your medical assessment, you need to send both your D4 and D2 form to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. You will also send your driver’s license and your photo card. 

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will then process your application to decide if you are qualified to be a long goods vehicle driver or not. 

Apply for CPC 

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence is a compulsory theory test if you want to become a professional LGV driver. Make sure you have the entire required document before going for the test. 

This is because you will not be allowed to participate in the test if you do not go with the required documents. We have all the learning tools you need at I Drive driving training. 

We will teach you everything you need to know about the theory test and also practices with some questions. 

LGV CAT C Training and Test 

I Drive driving training provide you the best training you need to pass the LGV test on your first trial. Our training is filled with tips that are helpful and will help you stand out among other students. 

We teach our students everything they need to know about large goods vehicles and they have confidence in themselves when they finish their training. Our team of trainers is the best in the industry and has many years experience which makes our student also exceptional.   

I Drive driving training trainers are more familiar with the test and will teach and guide you throughout your training to prepare you for success in your test. 

We will allow you to drive through the common test route to prepare you for your practical test. This makes you more familiar with the route and also builds your confidence while having your practical.

Why you should choose I Drive driver for LGV CAT C training?  

We are committed to your success

I Drive driving training is committed to the success of its student. Our instructors are experts and prepare our students with the right tools to help them pass the LGV driver test. 

We are very professional

At I Drive driver training will help you take care of all your paperwork. You don’t have to worry about submitting your D2 form or your medical assessment. We get it all done for you at your convenience. All you just need to focus on is training and passing both your theory and practical test. 

We are fully equipped

We have all the latest equipment to need for your training. From modern vehicles to test practical materials, everything you need is right at your fingertips. This makes you train with the same equipment you will be using when you become a long goods vehicle driver. 

The best instructors

We have the best LGV CAT C instructors in the industry and they have many years of experience. They prepare you well by accessing your ability as you grow and also advice gives you advice on how to build your confidence during the test. 

We are focused

We are focused on giving our students the best training to pass their tests and we maintain coordinate protocols.